The 7 Most Powerful Information Sources That Move Stocks

  • The 7 key sources of information used by professional stock & options day traders for a consistent edge in the market.
  • The process we use daily to find and decipher this information to spot Unusual Activity.
  • Using Unusual Options Activity and Insider Transactions
  • How to create an edge using the vast amount of social data now at your finger tips.

Learn How You Can Develop Powerful Trade Ideas Using Our Platform...

  • Real-Time Volume Analysis of 10,000+ Stocks

    Our proprietary Algorithms scan Stocks in real-time looking for Volume Anomalies

  • Live Filtering of 23,000+ Break News Items per Day

    Scanning major news pieces in search of Volume Correlations with individual  Stocks

  • Analysis of 100,000+ Unusual Activity Items

    Analysis of Unusual Options Activity, Insider Transactions, Search Trend Data, Social Media, Technicals, Upgrades and Downgrades, Correlations, Momentum, High Frequency Trading Activity.